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Together we work towards creating a life filled with passion, purpose, and clarity.

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My mission is to help my clients fall in love with the best version of themselves and experience how great their life is.

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We foster your vision into a reality and strengthen your capacity to inspire and lead toward fulfillment.

Executive Coaching

Discover the Leader within! Lead with trust, confidence, resilience, and integrity toward collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

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Channel team ideas into engaging visions. Tap into the collective genius and achieve bold goals with alignment.

Team Coaching

Discover your team’s mission, align values, and adopt a solution-focused mindset. Make collaborative strategic decisions that lead to success.

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— About Me

Hello, nice to meet you!

Empowering you to embody your greatest potential is my passion.

I spent over two decades helping others enhance their personal growth and leadership potential. I led and empowered high-performing teams in a fast-paced consulting industry. Now I am working on large-scale coaching programs across four continents. I am part of the elite faculty at Erickson Coaching International, teaching programs like “The Art and Science of Coaching”. “Leader as Coach” and “Parent as Coach”. I am passionate about partnering with organizations that educate the next generation of strong leaders and coaches, such as Rise & Learn Global in East Africa and xMonks in India.

My life wasn’t always as fulfilling and self-empowered as it is today.  I remember the days when I was constantly chasing deadlines, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and lacking a sense of meaning and purpose. Until I could not take it anymore – physically and emotionally. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, appreciation, and care that continues to date. I have built an intolerance towards living a half-life for myself and others. Today, I dare aim to live life to the fullest.   

On a personal note, I am a devoted mom to four beautiful children and have an insatiable hunger for growth. I love nothing more than exploring new cultures, dancing to the beat of the music, and learning new things at every opportunity.

I have an unwavering belief that our main responsibility and privilege as humans is to expand our limits and reach out for our highest potential and beyond.

Are you ready to embody your highest Self? I am here for you; let’s explore! 

Nadezhda Mihaylova

Years devoted
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What we

Here is what my clients say about working with me:

Jelena Pavlovic

Nadezhda is one of a kind professional in her field. She’s honest, effective, result-driven and extremely educated, and well-read. Anything I needed a consult on, she already had studied it and had had first-hand experience with it. Her coaching made me believe in myself in ways I’ve never had before and opened new perspectives. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with her. Jelena Pavlovic, MSc, FCCA, CFEGroup Director Risk & Fraud Management

Maria Drumeva

The work with Nadezhda helped me reach deeper levels of understanding of my priorities and true values. I managed to overcome some professional challenges by giving a clear focus on what was really important. Thank you for this insightful journey! Maria DrumevaMarketing Director at Servier

Teodor (Ted) Popov

Nadezhda is very flexible in her communication, she can be both structured and impulsive depending on whom she is talking to and what the situation/conversation requires. She can lead the process or just gently shape it so that the person being coached takes the lead and reaches their own conclusions and makes the final decisions. Teodor (Ted) PopovManaging and Commercial Director, EMEA, Americas, Global Travel Retail.

Kaloyan (Kal) Petrov

I was lucky enough to be trained and coached by Nadezhda in the “The Art and Science of Coaching.”
She is an amazing Coach! Her skill set as a trainer allowed me to develop a broad theoretical, and practical understanding of the field.
I think that Nadezhda is a passionate world-class professional that would be a valuable member of any collaboration. Kaloyan (Kal) PetrovDirector of Engineering at Smart IT (part of MFG) / EMBA / Vice President & Board Member at BAF

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